In Memoriam R. Stieglitz

The Frédéric Joliot & Otto Hahn summer school on nuclear reactors is in mourning, it has just lost one of its directors, Professor Robert Stieglitz, who died on December 6, 2023. The news caused a shock wave within the School's French-German organising team.

Robert Stieglitz joined the FJOH organisation as director in 2010. He was strongly invested in the School, whether it was held in Karlsruhe or Aix-en-Provence. Thanks to his personal commitment, we strengthened our partnership and built bonds of trust over the years. Although very busy with his responsibilities at KIT, R. Stieglitz was always there for FJOH. He shared with us the same concern for maintaining the reputation of the School by being demanding on the quality of the participants and speakers. A tireless defender of engineering common sense on all occasions, he knew how to detect any breach in the principles of elementary physics, especially when it came to energy issues.

R. Stieglitz impressed with the breadth of his knowledge of multiple technical subjects, ranging from fusion physics to the operation of fission reactors to old Moto Guzzi motorcycles (one of his passions). He enjoyed debating and asserting his point of view, but knew how to remain measured in his words. He always punctuated his messages to us with a friendly personal note.

We will remember him not only as a great scientist and engineer, but also as a colleague who became a friend. We already miss him and his irrepressible laugh.

Our heartfelt thoughts go to his colleagues at KIT and his family.


The French FJOH organising team at CEA/IRESNE Cadarache