Objective of FJOH-2024


The main objective of the FJOH‐2024 edition is to provide the school participants with a working knowledge of innovative approaches that can help streamline the design, deployment or operation of new reactors. The lectures will lay emphasis on how classical as well as advanced modelling methods that can be combined, together with expert knowhow, in order to achieve one of these goals while avoiding over‐engineering or premature optimisation. Illustrations will be given for various innovative systems.

By the end of the course, the participants should be able to explain how discipline engineers and system engineers make trade‐off decisions to balance multiple objectives. FJOH‐2024 includes plenary lectures, seminars, and technical visits.

The FJOH‐2024 participants will have the opportunity to practice their freshly‐acquired knowledge as part of group activities. Time for these group activities is set aside in the School schedule.