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FJOHSS 2017 - Programme Outline

1.  Introduction                                                                                                                                                            2 h

1.1.   On the practical importance of uncertainties for nuclear applications

1.2.   Overview of current approaches, practices, and trends in the nuclear industry

                                                                                                        R. Taylor (Manchester Univ. & NNL)


2.  Methods of uncertainty assessment and propagation                                                                                         12 h

2.1.   Statistical uncertainty, error propagation, correlation analysis, statistical

        testing, linear regression, estimation techniques (3 h)                            H. Abdel-Khalik (Purdue Univ.)

2.2     Uncertainty quantification using global sensitivity

            analysis methods (3 h)                                                                       B. Iooss (EdF)

2.3     Epistemic uncertainty propagation in risk/reliability

            analyses (2 h)                                                                                   S. Destercke (Compiègne TU/CNRS)

2.4     VVUQ of modelling & simulation tools: Basic principles and

                  methodology (2 h)                                                                             W. Oberkampf (Consulting Engineer)

2.5     Planning and designing representative and optimized (envelope)                                                                                    validation experiments (2 h)                                                               W. Oberkampf (Consulting Engineer)


3.  Error analysis in reactor core and fuel design and operation                                                                             10 h

3.1     Nuclear data covariance assessment and data assimilation (2h)                 H. Leeb (TU Wien)

3.2     Uncertainty evaluation, sensitivity analysis, error propagation
and V&V experiments for core physics (2h)                                          T. Kozlowski (Univ. Illinois)

3.3     New methods for assessing uncertainties in CFD simulations,
inferring limitations (2h)                                                                      R. Macian-Juan (TU Munich)

3.4     Uncertainties in fuel modelling (2h)                                                          A. Bouloré (CEA)

3.5     Deriving information from large sets of measurements (2h)                       R. van Geemert (AREVA)


4.  Uncertainty quantification methods in safety analyses                                                                                      10 h

4.1     Deterministic and statistical methods of uncertainty and
  sensitivity evaluation (2h)                                                                   H. Gläser (GRS)

4.2     Safety margin assessment and decision process (2h)                                 E. Ivanov (IRSN)

4.3     Evaluating uncertainties and correlations in fuel thermo-mechanics

 and system thermo-hydraulics calculations (2h)                                    F. Gaudier (CEA)

4.4   CIAU methodology for uncertainty evaluation in

             thermal-hydraulics (2h)                                                                      A. Petruzzi (NINE Consulting)

4.5   Uncertainty quantification for severe accident scenarios (2h)                      X. Zheng (JAEA)


Group Reflection on Selected Scientific Topics                                                                                                    6 h


     Seminar                                                                                                                                                                  2 h

                 Real-time On-line Decision Support Systems for Off-site

                 Emergency Management                                                                       W. Raskob (KIT)


     Technical visits of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology R&D facilities