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FJOHSS 2018 - Programme Outline


1. Introduction                                                                                                                                                    1 h

The Key Role of Experiments to Address Validation and Safety-related Challenges                   

                                                                                                                             J.Gulliford (OECD)


2. Experiments for Improved Nuclear and Neutron Physics Models                                                                  8 h

      2.1.   From Experimental Data to Evaluated Cross Section Files (2h)                      P. Schillebeeckx (JRC/IRMM)

      2.2.   Experiments for Improved Modelling of Fission Observables (2h)                            O. Sérot (CEA)

      2.3.   From Traditional to Advanced Neutron Physics Validation Experiments (2h)         A. Kochetkov (SCK/CEN)

2.4.   High-resolution Detection Techniques in Reactor Environments (2h)                      C. Destouches (CEA)


3. New Experiments for Scale-bridging Thermohydraulics                                                                               9 h

3.1.   Multiscale Methodology with Various Experiments.

     Applications to Loss Of Coolant Accidents and Critical Heat Flux (3h)                      D. Bestion (CEA)

3.2.   Scaling Methods to Design Experiments,

       Extrapolation Issues, Applications (2h)                                                              J.L. Muñoz-Cobo (UPV)

3.3.   High-Resolution Flow Measurement Techniques

       for the Generation of Validation Data (2h)                                                         U. Hampel (HZDR)

3.4.   Challenging Experiments for Validating Advanced Two-Phase Flow

       Analysis Codes and their Constitutive Laws (2h)                                                 C.H. Song (KAERI)


4.  Experiments for Fuel and Material Multiscale Modelling                                                                              10 h

4.1     Overview on Key Needs, for Operation, Design and Licensing: Fuel and

       Material Performance under Irradiation (2h)                                                      N. Waeckel (EdF)

4.2     From Traditional to Advanced Characterization Techniques:

What we Have Learned and Have yet to Learn (5h)                                 S. Zinkle (Knoxville Univ.) & J. Noirot (CEA)

4.3     In-pile Experiments in MTR, Experimental Fuel Assemblies

and On-line Instrumentation (3h)                                                            S. Holcombe (Halden) & D. Parrat (CEA)


5.  Experiments for Improved Safety Demonstration and Operational Support                                              6 h

5.1    Assessing Confidence in Nuclear Safety (2h)                                                           G. Bruna (IRSN)        

       5.2    A Data-driven Approach to Validation of Advanced Thermal-hydraulics Models (2h)     N. Dinh (NCSU)
       5.3    The Validation of High Fidelity Reactor Simulations (2h)                                     T. Downar (Univ. of Michigan)




Group Reflection on Selected Scientific Topics                                                                                           6 h


Seminar                                                                                                                                                       2 h

                 The Challenge of Competence Building for Emerging Nuclear Energy Countries

                                                                                                                                      E. Gilad (Ben-Gurion Univ.)


     Technical visits of CEA Cadarache R&D facilities